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Adaptive Simulation Technologies is an independent consultancy supported by a network of peers, collaborators, and business partnerships. Our vision is to be a world class provider of simulation technologies, designs, and advice.

The principal of the company, Barry B. Druhan, has over 15 years of experience in the field of human cognition and its application to learning, interaction design, performance, and simulation.

Mr. Druhan spent the last 10 years at Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting), where he was one of the original capability architects for Accenture's simulation practice referred to as Performance Simulation—a virtual learning environment that allows learners to fully immerse themselves in experiencing new roles in a highly authentic, challenging, yet safe environment. In this role, Mr. Druhan was responsible for a comprehensive program to build competence and capability to meet the growing demand for Performance Simulation skills. Most recently, Mr. Druhan was the Alliance Director for Indeliq, an independent company spun out of Accenture's simulation practice to develop simulation-based eLearning solutions.

Prior to joining Andersen Consulting, Mr. Druhan worked as a research scientist at Honeywell’s Systems and Research Center where he designed and developed artificial intelligence and machine learning systems for their Crew Systems and Maintenance Diagnostics section. While there, Mr. Druhan won several internal awards for his research. Mr. Druhan has Master’s degrees in Cognitive Psychology and Systems Science from Louisiana State University.

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