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Adaptive Simulations Technologies

Adaptive Simulation Technologies refers not only to our offerings, but our philosophy about the nature of cognition, learning and, ultimately, performance.

Human cognition is adaptive. That means the way that we process information depends on an array of variables including our emotional and physical states, our prior experiences, and our external environment.

Learning is also an adaptive process. As we learn more information, it changes the way that we will process that same information the next time. If we want to reach truly higher levels of cognition, then we must be challenged with new and more difficult information.

Likewise, performance is adaptive. In order to reach higher levels of performance, we must innovate or adapt to a new level. Adaptive performance simulations allow us to reach these levels of achievement by challenging and adapting to the learner.

At Adaptive Simulation Technologies, we help our clients achieve their simulation goals. We help them understand and benefit from the array of simulation architectures, vendors and options. We also research, develop and introduce new simulation technologies to the market that will augment existing platforms.

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